Happy New Year!  Here's to a wonderful 2012...at least until we reach the end of the Mayan calendar.  :-)  So, until then, here's to life, love and lots of laughter.  Be sure to join Wendy Warren and me at Toohotmamas:  toohotmamas.wordpress.com, where we explore Marriage, motherhood and menopause: How to do all three and stay out of prison.  Don't click on the above link, as I am technically challenged and it will tell you that our blog does not exist, WHEN IT DOES!  But I have menopause, so you are going to have to Google us, or something.  Sorry.  Anyway, we have a lot of fun each week, talking about our growing families, our desire to get rich quick, win the Pillsbury Bake-off, and teach the world manners, one Doody-head at a time.  Right now, when we aren't dieting, feeding our kids, adopting someone, bathing a dog, or trying to meet a deadline, we are hard at work writing a cozy mystery together and producing a TV show.  Stay tuned, because when I'm not driving my five teenagers to their myriad activities, I'll try to get back here and tell you what' s going on with us.  In the mean time, stay tuned for my next book to hit the shelves:  BEYOND THE STORM.  Roughly based on the Tuscaloosa/Joplin tornadoes, it addresses the question we all ask:  Why would a loving God allow such tragedy?
I love to hear from you all, so please continue to write me.  If I don't write back, it's only because I'm in the minivan driving a teenager somewhere.
Amanda Crutchfield
7/1/2013 12:34:34 pm

I LOVE all your books but by far "Out of the Storm" is my FAVORITE I have 6 children plus 1 and it is a book I would let ANY of them read...... @m@nd@


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